Huggie Aids


Hearing aid retainers for infants and children Helps prevent costly loss and damage to hearing aids · Helps prevent tampering with the volume control or accidental removal of battery · 

Sales price: $9.75


1. Measure around the ear with a string, make sure the string is snug but do not distort the ear lobe. Measure the length to the nearest 1/4" Should 1/8" be measured, go up to the next 1/4" example: 4 1/8" is measured, go up to 4 1/4". Huggie Aids are very flexible for a perfect fit. The straps are strong for long endurance. 2. Remove Earmold: slip hook end into 'A' strap keeping the tube under the hearing aid; Slide 'B' strap over the bottom of the hearing aid; then cover battery door, keeping the tube portion of the Huggie Aid to underside of the hearing aid close to the ear. Push mold into the ear through the huggie Aid circle, not under it.