Emtech Laboratories offers a wide variety of hearing protection for children, recreational uses, occupational applications and sound professionals. We make protection of your hearing part of your everyday work use and lifestyle.


Custom fit, personal HearSavers are the most comfortable of all hearing protectors. They are exact replicas of the ear. Many people have unusually shaped canals, which make the comfortable fitting and wearing of standard or disposable earplugs difficult if not impossible to wear for long periods of time. Because HearSavers are custom, the proper depth and placement of the protector is controlled by the mold itself. Custom fit hearing protection actually saves money because there is no need to buy disposable plugs and the HearSavers last for years. Emtech offers 4 styles of HearSavers.

Most common is HearSaver HP NRR= (29db) A full shell for use in industries' worst noise environments. HearSaver AC NRR= (16db) A full shell designed to enhance communication in high frequency noise. Acoustic chamber allows quicker pressure equalization which eliminates the stuffy sensation associated with other noise protection.

HearSaver BR-A hearing protector with an adapter for a wideband receiver. This product is extremely useful when both reliable undistorted sound and noise protection are required.

HearSaver 13DW Made especially for industrial work areas that require two-way communication as well as hearing protection. (Adapts to most all telecommunication headsets.)


Custom earplug features a Sonic Valve with aluminum body which contains an acoustic valve that will close upon impact of loud noise. Designed for hunting, the custom earpiece allows the user to hear clearly until a weapon is fired in which the valve closes and gives the user hearing protection for gunfire or other loud noise. Made from Emplex II material gives you many color choices and have the durability of a silicone material. Sonic earplugs come with a plastic carrying case.


Custom sleep plugs are made from our soft Emplex II. They are con-caved for comfort and have a small lock for easy removal and retention. Emplex II gives you many color choices and have the durability of a silicon material. Sleep plugs come with a plastic carrying case.